Purchasing an Established website can be a great way to start your new Internet business for three reasons.
It is important to note the difference between a workbench, the developed site, and a cookie cutter site that is simply a copy (in design and content) of the original domain. Established, developed sites that are good to buy, at least a year and offer a good selection of content. Cookie Cutters that are not worth your time or money, are often very new and its content and design are duplicated on the web.
Buying An Existing Website
One of the main reasons for buying a website created is that already flows of traffic from various sources. As the owner of an Internet business, you know that the traffic for the success of your new business is crucial. If you buy an existing site with an existing data feed, you do not have to start from the bottom and build from there. You can use this existing data traffic to make your new business faster and bigger than you can start from scratch with a new domain name and a new website.

Hand in hand with the existing traffic flow take advantage of the search engine marketing efforts of the owner. An established website will have backlinks and listings in various search engines and directories. This not only increases your traffic but also facilitates your improvements and marketing efforts to get better profits. A new site can take weeks or months to appear in many directories and search engines. It can take months for a new website to receive some kind of recognition or rating. However, a created site is already paid their dues (so to speak) and you do not wait. Not only is the domain name itself listed, but many subpages have been indexed by search engines.

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Finally, an important and often overlooked benefit when buying an existing domain is that most good site names are forgiven for a long time. However, once you do a market research, you can often not only a domain name that reflects your target audience and keywords, but also an established site that has been optimized for search engines for those keywords as well.
Buy Established Websites
If you are a beginner and looking for your own website, you should buy a website created to allow your new web business a start in terms of traffic and search engine marketing.
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