Looking for what is buy now pay later Websites? here is your answer. When a customer (visitor) spends time browsing
your online store or the “brick-made”
store, they are obviously looking for something that you have to offer. But before buying anything, every buyer
goes through a certain process of self-talk. This talk is regarding the process of buying and the financial
aspects of the purchase he is going to make. They are likely to ask themselves the following things:
• Am I in a position to buy it?
• Won’t it be cheaper somewhere else?
• Do I really need this thing?
• Should I wait for it to go on the sale?
• Let’s buy something else instead of this.
• What if it exceeds my credit card limit?

  • What is Buy Now Pay Later Websites

You can see all of these questions are financially concerned questions that are behind the decision of purchase made or declined by a buyer.
These questions are the reason behind 70% of the times the buyers decide not to make the purchase which definitely is a great hurdle in online sales.
But this certainly doesn’t need to be a problem. One of the most effective and irresistible ways to get these buyers online is to provide them with the easy on pocket payment options that make it convenient for them to grab the benefit from the exclusive deals that you are offering to them.
This is what led to the creation of “buy now pay later websites” services on websites working as online stores.
These third-party finance providers provide with the flexible payment methods with an interest-free time span for buy now pay later websites.
This help the online store’s customers to pay for their purchase over a period of time while they enjoy using the product bought, straight-away.

•Websites in Trend
                 Buy now Pay later

Websites are currently the booming trends of online shopping or purchasing commodities or services through internet. With the boost in
 the online shopping trends and the use of the internet for the sale and purchase of everyday commodities and services, the competition and race to capture the customer stream has gone way far. Online businesses are coming up with new ways of catching the eye of their potential customers and capturing the client with such offers and customer-friendly methods that they never lose them again to their rivals. Free home deliveries, mouth-watering discounts, cash on delivery and so many other ways have been adopted to attract the buyers.
With all these marketing tools and offers, there is one another thing being added to the “arsenal” of online business development. The “Buy now pay later websites”.

  • What are buy now pay later services?

Buy the product now, pay the money later through online credit options whether at once or in installments.
Buy now pay later websites allow the buyers to make payments post buying or pay in installments over a period of time specified or agreed upon in terms and conditions. These services which are, buy now pay later websites are provided by approved retailer websites and by this, these websites allow you to order or purchase a product right away in real time and delay the payment. Buyers then pay for the product in installments over several weeks or over a longer period of time depending upon the method and soft payment proposals offered by the retailer website.
It has been explained here about how these payment services work, what additional charges or surplus fees the buyer has to pay and how any kind of financial troubles can be avoided if you are using these services.

• How does it work?

Buy now pay later websites are in your pocket when you shop online or in the store having their online outlets. Buy now pay later websites are available through approved online retailers and simply are another payment option at the time of checking out.

Each store or the website offers a slightly different service of payment. This gives the buyer a liberty to check the various available options and pick the better one out of them which suit their brand. But below mentioned are the steps almost all the online stores adopt.

1. As a merchant, the store signs up with one of the payment processing companies available in the region. The merchant adds his new payment method to their point of sale or online shopping cart software.
2. Online buyers select the payment method at their checkout and insert the details of their credit or debit card. By this, they create their new pay later account.
3. The Online store delivers the products bought to the buyer immediately. After the purchase through their delivery partners or any method, they are offering.
4. On the same day of delivery, the store’s account is being credited the total payment. By the payment processor, due for the purchase made by the buyer.
5. The payment processing service providers deduct the payment from the buyer’s account. It is done according to the terms and conditions agreed upon between both buyer and payment processing company.

• Method of Buy Now Pay Later Websites

All a buyer has to do is to provide their banking or credit card details only the first time they use these services so their payments can be deducted. A buyer may also be required to pay either a deposit amount or the advance or first installment up-front. Depending on the requirements of provider, the buyers may need to generate a barcode or a customer-specific 6-digit number using the provider’s mobile application or website. The store or retailer can then scan the barcode or type the number into their system to set up your payment.

• Are these Services worth availing?

What’s not to love about buy now pay later website? Buy now pay later websites to let the buyers seamlessly buy what they want to when they want t. Online or in-store without the condition to pay up-front. The cherry on the top, the buyers get an interest-free period. Automated deductions from their provided credit or debit card and duly notifying alerts to make sure they don’t miss on their payment schedules. And the buyers don’t have to waste their time on complex, time-consuming and tricky form filling or financial approvals for buy now pay later websites.
Obviously, who doesn’t like to browse the online stores and look at the varieties both economically and qualitatively? Buy now pay later websites services are often presented to the buyers as ‘interest-free’ or ‘0% interest’. The additional cost is added up to the amount you were supposed to pay. Only if you are unable to make the repayments on the time mentioned in your payment schedule.
These are the things the buyers have to look out for before using these services.

• Late Fees

 There’s usually a late fee or a “fine” every time you miss a payment or pay late. These fees can be added up over time. And are charged by the online stores each time you don’t make a payment.

• Monthly account-keeping fees

 Some of the buys now, pay later services charge from their members. Which are on a fixed amount per month in case they continue to use their service.

• Payment processing fees

For some online stores, the buyers may be are required to pay charges for each payment they make. And on top of their fixed repayment.

• Conclusion:

Being a customer friendly websites, the buy now, pays later websites are currently the most profitable. As well as risk-free business developments that are generating huge profits. Above that, attracting a huge audience and customers to the online shopping websites. With complete satisfaction of payments made to the store. And after that goods delivered to the buyers without them even paying for the product upfront. Both the parties enjoy the services at the cost of a third party. And earns their profits by adding a slight amount to the original costs that a buyer has to pay. Easy to use and avail risk-free purchasing, “buy now pay later websites”.
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