This question doesn’t have a simple straight forward answer and there are actually a lot of additional questions I would like to ask before you get that Dollars 10,000+ per month figure as your Answer. I hope you know how Adsense works. 

  1. What niche (Website category) are you going to work in?
    Is it a news blog or your personal shopping blog, or is it something that features traveling and leisure.
  2.  Which country is your target market?
    For example, a visitor coming from the United States may find many Advertisers competing for his click. i.e they are willing to pay higher and higher if the visitor clicks on the ad on your website. However if the same page is ranked somewhere in Korea for the same keyword, Google will not show those ads and might show an Amazon ad which looks just like another advertising and visitor is not interested in clicking any of the ads.
  3. How much traffic has your website got for Adsense ads?
    If you have made a blog or youtube channel to show Google ads and expecting Google Adsense to just start generating $$$ in your account. You are in for a disappointment.
  4. How well are Adsense ads being displayed?
    If your website is not utilizing every inch and every corner of your website with proper ads that sync in with the design of the website, you will lose money. So it is very important that you try multiple ad designs to know which one works best.

What are the ways you can make money from Google Adsense?

A website is not the only way to get approved and make money from Google Adsense. Listed below are all the ways you can apply ads and earn money.

  1. Sharing articles on Blogspot (
  2. Starting your own website in WordPress
  3. Making a youtube channel and uploading videos
  4. Applying ads in your Android app (AdMob)
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How Much Can You Make From Google Adsense A Month According to 1000 visitors?

Keeping in view the above 4 statistics. Taking the average of all, you should expect $10 in your Adsense account. If traffic is not that bad, and you have made a decent website with some good looking ads.

 How much does Adsense pay per click?

Google Adsense pays anywhere from $0.01 to $50 per click. Here are the top 20 categories with their per click earnings. Before you wake up tomorrow and make a website in the most expensive category. Remember, with more earnings per click, comes the more competition. i.e it won’t be easy to make a website and rank to get visitors in a few top categories.

How much traffic does a Website need to make money?

The more traffic it gets, the less it will be. It needs to pour in at least 50,000+ visitors per month if you are relying entirely on ads. You can always multiply your Earnings by optimizing better. i.e try

  1. Attaching an affiliate product
  2. Selling an e-book from Amazon or Clickbank
  3. Sell sponsored ads
  4. Publish guest posts for 5 or more dollars per post
  5. The list goes on and on

How much does Adsense pay youtube?

First Adsense doesn’t pay youtube. ? Youtube is the property of Google. Of course, you are talking about the Youtube channel and uploading videos. Well, the same top 4 points work in case of youtube videos too. What is category video in? Which ad was displayed etc?

You can earn up to $10 per click on youtube.

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1 million page views per month revenue:

Wow! that figure 10,00,000 visitors per month looks great for any website. You can easily make $10,000+ per month with such number. That does, however, includes some split testing. Try out different ads once you have had success with Adsense ads. You can try

  1. Selling your own products. Buying cheap and selling high according to your website type.
  2. Applying ads from sponsored advertisers.
  3. Offering official partnership backlinks for a fixed monthly fee. etc

Adsense advertising cost?

I assume that you are looking for someone to make a website and advertise for you because you can’t directly advertise Google ads. That’s pretty obvious. So if you are looking for a complete -Done for you- service. We offer a similar one. Visit our homepage and select a package according to your budget. We will take care of everything.

Google Ads Earnings Per Visitor


How much does Google Adsense pay per page view?

Unfortunately, answer to that is No Google doesn’t pay per visitor unless someone clicks on your ad.

Can you suggest the best way to start earning from Adsense?

Yes, the best way is to select one topic you would love writing about. It can be your hobby or your favorite movies, it can be about eating out or gardening or fashion, etc.

  1. Go to
  2. Start a new blog
  3. Research for new keywords
    Use a keyword tool like Spyfu or Longtail pro. Make sure you watch all of their tutorials. This is a very crucial step and can save you a ton of time and effort in the long run.
  4. Write your first post and try to Google related topics in Google
  5. Move around. Follow other bloggers.
  6. Try following few people on Stumble upon, Reddit and Twitter.
  7. Share your content with your followers.
  8. Discover new ideas by searching related keywords.
  9. Apply for Adsense and apply ads on your blog
  10. Repeat points 1 to 8
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It may be looking hard at the moment but it will help you earn a lot better in 1 or 2 years than anyone else starting a job besides your blog.


So it doesn’t matter how much can you make, the sky is the limit. The more effort you put in, the more money you are going to get in your bank account.

Just focus: Don’t be derailed by looking at some rich guy who is making 50,000 USD per month from Adsense. He is light years ahead of you. Just be passionate about your blog.

Try to improve with time: Your first goal is just get started. Results are always awaiting people who take action. Just select some good keywords and start generating content. Try to get as many followers as possible. That’s it. The rest will come with time.