How many of you have ever thought about fabricating a niche website with dreams of making a huge number of dollars? Niche websites are a great source of passive income. If you are like most of the people trying to make a complete living on the internet, then the thought has probably crossed your mind at least a few times if not thousands time.

People who are into buying and selling websites, the idea of a niche website is one of the most appealing anomalies on the internet. The idea of a niche website is one of the hardest, however, the super easy thing that you can do online.

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The steps to fabricating a successful niche website that generates at least $500 each month are essentially straightforward.  However, most of the people come at it from an angle of trying to game the system, they have lost before they even reached the starting line.

Niche Websites are a Quick Start

This is one of the longest posts I have written in this year so far. Let’s discuss the even minor details, what to do and why to do it. Below are the 14 steps for building a niche website. If you have any query about anything, then stop being too lazy and read the whole post. The 14 steps are as follow:

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1- Write down as many niche ideas as you have. Start from your interests.

2- Concentrate on the niche which based on the following criteria:

  • Have a wide array of products that you can review and discuss.
  • The higher price and low volume
  • Are there any affiliate programs with virtuous commissions?
  • Are there people currently making money?
  • Can you write at least 100 quality articles on the topic?

3- Set up your website

4- Create content. Below is an effective outline to get you going

  • Initially, write 5 articles reviewing 5 of the most popular products in your niche
  • Secondly, write 3 detailed tutorials on your niche i.e. How to …..
  • Thirdly, write 3 list posts
  • Then, repeat

5- Sign up for affiliate programs related to your new website and content

6- Conduct keyword research to find out 5 to 10 of the best key terms or products to try and rank for

7- Install Yoast SEO for WordPress. Also, do on-site SEO for all the pages and posts

8- Make a list of friends and colleagues as well to email and tell them about your new niche website

9- Set up social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc. for your niche website

10- Sign up for Help a report out

11- Make a list of all large blogs and syndicated publications you would want to be featured on

12- Start contacting previously listed blogs and site offering guest posts and story ideas

13- Create a high-quality PDF or email series to collect email addresses. Add to site.

14- Repeat steps 4 and 12 while continuing to build your social media channels and also links for SEO

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There you have it. These are the 14 steps to develop a niche site that will make minimum of $500 per month. Do you want to know exactly how to make money on a niche website? Wait for the next post…